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  • MADISON, Wis. (AP) - A state panel is meeting to decide whether to continue exploring the idea of creating a self-insured plan for Wisconsin state employees.      A committee of the state's Group Insurance Board planned to decide Friday whether to move ahead with getting more information ...

  • New premiums for homeowners in coastal regions could top $30,000. Many homeowners in the city are still recovering from Sandy. The federal government must delay skyrocketing increases on flood insurance premiums, lawmakers demanded Thursday. Sen. Chuck Schumer joined other pols in calling for Congress to delay parts of ...

  • A report obtained by USA TODAY says the lower premiums primarily apply to "silver" plans. WASHINGTON -- Insurance News -- About 6.4 million Americans eligible to buy insurance through the new health exchanges will pay $100 or less a month in premiums because of tax subsidies, according ...

  • Insurance Headlines -- When the Affordable Care Act was working its way through Congress, Gary Lauer was nervous. Part of the bill sounded grim. It said people could buy required health coverage online, but only through websites run by state and federal governments. "That was going to ...

  • Insurance Headline News -- Depression-era program intended to save the nation’s farmers from ruin has grown into a 21st-century crutch enabling affluent growers and financial institutions to thrive at U.S. taxpayer expense. Federal crop insurance encourages farmers to gamble on risky plantings in a program that has ...

Colorado Homeowners Insurance Quotes

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Get the most up to date rates for Colorado homeowners insurance quotes anywhere online! 

We help home owners and landlords get competitive rates for home insurance and landlord insurance. Your house is more than likely your most valuable asset. Don't take a chance on your homeowners insurance.

Our short and simple form makes getting an home insurance quote easy. Colorado offers some of the harshest weather a home can be exposed to. Whether it is hail, wind, lightning, tornados or freezing pipes, Colorado has it. The worst time to find out you are not adequately insured is after the claim has been filed.

It's important that you have a competent Colorado insurance professional to guide through your coverage selection. If you live in Colorado, let one of our insurance agents work up a free, no obligation homeowners insurance quote that fits your needs.

Insurance quotes for Mountain homes, Log homes and Modular homes in the mountains on the front range around Denver.  

mountain home insurance in colorado

Mountain homes can be at risk of fire and if you are not with the right insurance company now your rates may go up or you could be dropped all together if the insurance company deems your property not worth the risk. 

Homes at risk of wildfire need to make sure they take an extra look at their homeowners insurance; your policy could be dropped because of your location in the mountains.




get some log home insurance for your mountain homeLog homes are beautiful and expensive to insure. Get a quote for your insurance for a log home in the mountains or on the front range. Log homes need to be properly insured because they are not like regular ticky tacky homes. Make sure you are not underinsured. 

Modular homes need to be insured with home insurance. Do not hesitate, get a quote because rates fluctuate and chances are you are paying too much for your modular home insurance.


modular home insurance in colorado

Find the Most Progressive Homeowners Insurance Rates in Colorado

You don't need a home insurance calculator to know that home insurance rates fluctuate and can be reduced with a variety of discounts. DON'T STAY LOCKED IN WITH YOUR OLD INFLATED RATES.

Start now to get free Colorado homeowners insurance rates. Don't let you mortgage company provide your dwelling insurance. The mortgage company in some cases might assign only a basic fire policy that offers no personal property coverage or liability coverage. This is not a comprehensive homeowners insurance policy. It is with good reason that you should look for the insurance rates that mesh with your best interests. An affordable and comprehensive insurance policy for your home is a must.


Free Home Insurance Quotes

It is in your best interest to see what your current policy covers and understand what you are paying for. Getting competitive quotes online will save you time and usually ends up saving you money. A few minutes invested in shopping for your insurance today could save you from a financial disaster down the road. Get a Free Home Insurance Quote, it is just a few simple steps to peace of mind and savings! Check out our blog.